Monday, March 14, 2011

Get hired.

Hey Stellar Fans,

There are no certain set of emotions that are attached to job hunting. Some job hunters are excited, some are desperate, and a few people can even be frustrated. Regardless of your emotional undertones related to job hunting, you must apply certain emotions that will assist you in finding the right job for you.

Ever notice how certain feelings affect our actions? I have learned that when I am excited a different set of actions flow forth. I have also learned that the actions I take when I am frustrated do not resemble the quality of actions I take when I’m excited.

A certain set of circumstances and events have led or will lead you to job hunting. While you are there, focus on the following strategies to help direct your focus and actions.

  1. Positive & confident expectations. Believe deep down that everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves you. Delays are not denials.
  2. High energy. Not the bounce off the walls sort of energy, but a big smile, an enthusiastic voice, and confident posture. These actions assist in bringing resources to your communication that are more impactful then sitting with your shoulders slouched, head down, monotone voice, and a frown.
  3. Quality over quantity. Nothing can deter your purpose more then boring someone on the phone or during an interview. Be brief and direct in your answers. For good examples, watch how Donald Trump slices to the heart of an issue during the Apprentice show. When someone starts going on and on, he cuts them off.
  4. Questions close sales. Have a specific set of questions you ask during an interaction with a potential employer. Questions show interest and a desire to learn about the company; position and expectations (contact me directly for the best questions to ask during an interview).

Destry Brink

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